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Mesothelioma prevention

Is there a possibility to prevent the development of mesothelioma? And we can answer "Yes, there is!"

First of all you must avoid exposure to asbestos. If it is not possible, for example for people who might experience asbestos exposure at work include (miners, insulation manufacturers etc) it is essential to use personal protection equipment.

The main methods that help to prevent mesothelioma cancer are

  • Consultations
  • Diet
  • Activity


Consultation with a pulmonary specialist is necessary if after an adequate antibiotic treatment the infection does not resolve within 2 weeks.

Even if the infection has resolved a chest radiographs are mandatory. A full evaluation by a pulmonary specialist and oncologist is required in cases when the patient has diffuse calcification of the pleura and a weight loss with chronic cough. If the initial workup is not diagnostic a referral for thoracoscopy is also required.

Family members of workers who are exposed to asbestos should also be evaluated.


Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation always cause cachexia, so good supportive care and a regular nutritional status assessment are necessary. Patients should consult with a nutritionist.

Curiously women who eat ten servings of whole grain foods per week live longer with less disease. It was established by nutrition expert, Professor David Jacobs, from the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota.

Grains contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals fiber that helps to remove carcinogens from intestines faster, in this way lowering the possibility of cancer development and heart disease and maintaining blood sugar and insulin levels steady. As many researches have determined whole grain foods lower the cancer risk.


Physical activity is important to reduce postoperative complications.

During last 50 years mesothelioma has become more prevalent. By now death is the only possible end in all cases of mesothelioma. Patients have survived 13 to 25 months when treated with the best available therapy. If the care is only supportive the median survival is about 9 months. So the earlier mesothelioma is diagnosed the more successful may be attempts to help preventing this tragic end.

There is a much greater chance of successful treating the disease if we could catch it before spreading beyond the lungs. After spreading of mesothelioma, the disease quickly kills the patient. If the disease is detected in early stage, treatments would be more effective.

Doctor should inform the patient that the earlier treatment can begin, the better chance for a longer life is.

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