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Brachytherapy in Mesothelioma treatment

There are three main types of radiotherapy: brachytherapy or sealed source radiotherapy, unsealed source radiotherapy and external beam radiotherapy (XBRT) or teletherapy. They differ from each other in the position of the radiation source. Sealed and unsealed source radiotherapy has radioactive material delivered internally while external is outside the body. Unsealed sources may be administered by injection or ingestion while brachytherapy sealed sources are usually extracted later. Another special case of external beam radiotherapy is a proton therapy where the particles are protons.

Brachytherapy can also be used to deliver postoperative radiation to the tumor (implanted radioactive sources). In contrast to external radiation it takes a much shorter time for initiation and completion of therapy. Another distinction of brachytherapy is that it is usually started within a week of surgery and completed in 4 or 5 days. External beam radiation and brachytherapy and are equally effective when properly administered.

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